Annual Growth, Catch-Up Growth

The Kennewick, Washington school district (12,000 students) has done what other districts and states only talk about.  They now bring virtually all students up to grade level in reading by the third grade - a level of accomplishment that has not been heard of for decades.

They do it by starting children with demonstrably effective mastery-oriented instruction at the earliest opportunity.  And with their READY program, they show parents how to get their kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. 

The result is that they have far more students who are equipped with the reading skills needed for success in grades 4 through 8 and thus who have a shot at being ready for college or the workplace. 

Educational leaders who want to quit talking and move ahead need to read this book.

Click here to read a list of 93 maxims gleaned from the Kennewick experience.



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