About effective schooling

Everyone would agree in principle that we want effective schools. But what does effective schooling mean? How do we know whether a school is effective or not? What does a successful school look like? And can we change a school from ineffective to effective? The links below answer all of these questions and more.

  • What is effective schooling? - Answering the question of what effective schooling is and how it can be identified.
  • Testing in Tennessee - A primer on assessments in Tennessee.
  • About TVAAS - An overview of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, the longest-running and arguably the most sophisticated value-added system in the country.
  • Effective Schools, Common Practices - A report on the shared instructional and management practices of some of the most effective schools in the state.
  • Annual Growth, Catch-up Growth - Kennewick, WA set a goal of bringing 90% of students to grade level in reading by the third grade; here's how they did it.
  • Projections of student performance - Tennessee parents with children in 4th grade or higher can see reports projecting their child's performance on key tests like the ACT.
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