About the Education Consumers Foundation

The Education Consumers Foundation (ECF) is dedicated exclusively to serving the interests of education’s consumers. It is like Consumers Union (the organization that publishes Consumers Reports), except that we focus on education policy and practice.

Our core mission is to be a trustworthy source of education research and policy analysis for education’s consumers, and we have a proven record of commitment to the interests of consumers.

Whether you are a parent who is trying to understand the style of teaching used in your child’s classroom or a legislator who is looking for a fair-minded assessment of a proposed remedial education program, we can point you to useful, consumer-friendly information. If your question can better be answered by experts outside our Network, we will help you find a resource that is sympathetic to your interests.

How We Help

  • Our website is continually updated with the research, analysis, and background information needed to make informed judgments about education issues.
  • Our Consultants Network enables you to find a consumer-friendly expert source on most educational issues. Contact us if you need a Second Opinion regarding a particular issue.
  • Our ClearingHouse enables you to discuss your questions and share your experience with other consumers and consumer-friendly experts.
  • Our Education Consumers Associations are grassroot groups of parents and others who have a consumer’s stake in education. Educators are welcome but asked to wear their consumer’s cap.

You can learn more by reviewing all that is offered on the ECF website; if you have questions, or would like to support our efforts, please contact us.


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