Contact the Education Consumers Foundation

You can contact the following people for help on specific issues:

J.E. Stone, Ed.D.

  • TVAAS and School Performance Data
  • Interpreting Growth and Achievement Charts
  • Proven Tools for Raising Achievement
  • Proven Tools for Motivating Students
  • Phone and web conferences
  • Chart walkthroughs

Tiffany Clements
Chart Specialist

  • Chart walkthroughs
  • PDFs for presentations
  • PowerPoints for presentations

Kara Arnold

Field Representative

  • Chart walkthroughs
  • Group presentations

Brett Pawlowski
Media Specialist

  • Media contact
  • Chart walkthroughs
  • Group presentations
  • Phone and web conferences

Our general contact information is as follows:

Education Consumers Foundation
1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone (703) 248-2611
Fax (703) 525-8841


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