Finding effective schools in your area

Anyone in Tennessee can use the ECF's School Performance Charts to identify the most effective schools in their district; just open the elementary or K-8/middle schools charts, select your district, and look at your schools to see how they stack up on value-added performance.

If you want to see whether your school would qualify as a Most Effective School by the ECF's standards, just look at their rank. The ECF considers schools performing in the top 20% of rankings to be "most effective"; if your elementary school is ranked at #151 or higher (among 755 schools) , or if your K-8/middle school is ranked #106 or higher (among 531 schools), it would qualify under our recognition program.

While the Education Consumers Foundation appreciates superior schooling wherever it is found, it is currently only implementing its Most Effective Schools campaign within a handful of Tennessee counties. If you would like to discuss sponsoring a Most Effective Schools campaign in your district, please contact us - we are actively seeking out partners to expand the campaign.

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