Effective Schools in the Hardin County School System

In April, the Education Consumers Foundation placed an ad in the Savannah Courier and sent a mailing to every household in Hardin County (9,000 pieces) to recognize two Hardin County schools through its Most Effective Schools Campaign.

Schools were selected for their ability to advance student learning as measured by the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, or TVAAS. Each school recognized through this campaign was in the top 20% of schools statewide in either the Elementary schools category (755 schools in Tennessee) or K-8/Middle Schools category (531 schools in Tennessee).

These schools include:

Elementary Schools -

  • Walker Elementary - Ranked #1 of 7 in Hardin County, #25 of 755 in the state
  • West Hardin Elementary - Ranked #2 of 7 in Hardin County, #118 of 755 in the state

These schools are some of the best in the state at helping children reach their academic potential - ECF is proud to recognize their work.


Additional Resources :

Download a copy of the ad placed in the Savannah Courier showing the rankings of all Hardin County schools (PDF format)

If you want to work with ECF's interactive charts yourself to compare schools and districts, go here

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