ECF's Most Effective Schools Campaign focuses on how we can best fulfill the true promise of public education: helping students, no matter their starting point, to reach their academic potential. Our work relies on data from Tennessee's Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), the longest-running and arguably most sophisticated value added program in the country, and the best available indicator of school and teacher effectiveness and student advancement.

The latest news

New chart shows value-added and TCAP performance of schools and districts in Tennessee

The ECF has published its 2010 interactive "birdshot" charts allowing users to see how their local schools and districts perform in terms of both achievement and value-added gain; click here to see where your child's school falls and the system's distribution as a whole.

Education Consumers Foundation publishes its elementary and middle school value-added performance charts
Each year, ECF produces interactive charts that allow parents and others to see how Tennessee schools and districts perform on the state's value-added assessment system (TVAAS). Go here to see how your child's school is performing against others in the state.


What you can do

Visit our Community Resources section to learn more about what parents and others can do to advance the issue of school quality.

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